Sunday, October 18, 2009


After I posted yesterday morning, I came to my senses and realized that the day was actually perfect to WORK FOR A LIVING. I have to remind myself that I do that, sometimes -- I can put it off really well, especially lately, when it's been hard to focus. :)

So I wrote ... for several hours, non-stop. Finally, at about 4 pm, I remembered that my favorite dress pants were at the tailor's getting mended, and I need those for a client's book launch and signing tonight. Off I went downtown, collected the pants (and, luckily for me, the gal was quite chatty) and headed to my favorite Starbucks for a latte to take with me to Clover Point ... to finally do some knitting. As I left the tailor's shop, an ambulance went by ... and then another.

When I got to Starbucks two minutes later, about 20 people were milling about on the street, which was blocked by about 4 police cruisers and the two ambulances. I have no idea what happened there (I went by later and the place was closed up solid), but I would've been in the middle of it if that woman at the tailor's hadn't been chatty!

Drove to another Starbucks, got my latte and headed to Clover Point, which was pretty much completely fogged in. I was taking pics of this sailboat...

... when this power boat appeared out of nowhere...

... and it seemed to be going back and forth across the front of the Ogden Point breakwater. I was trying to figure that out when my cell phone rang ... my friend Penny and her hubby Robin were at Ogden Point, where the biggest news story of the year was unfolding! (I found out later that the power boat in the fog may have been an 'undercover' vessel working with the authorities).

Anyway, here's what I saw at Ogden Point...

The 'Ocean Lady' had been monitored for a week, apparently, and when it came into Canadian waters yesterday, was stopped and boarded -- the entourage of vessels blocking it in included our military, the Coast Guard, Canadian Border Services and the RCMP.

Penny and I watched the ship, the news folks, and the fog coming and going ...

... until, by the time they were taking the people off, I was freezing cold and had to go home.

Hardly knit a stitch all day.


Hailey said...

Two Posts in the same weekend - I can`t believe it!

Curious to know what`s happening at the Starbucks but glad to know that you are OK!

What was Meaghan so chatty about!

Love you,

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm following the "Ocean Lady" story from Vancouver and came across your blog via Google. Do you know where the ship is located now (November 24)? I would like to come to see it.

"Skipper" said...

Yes, EastVan, it's here in Victoria at the Ogden Point (cruise ship) dock. Email me privately if you want at skipper at mvwindwalker dot com for more info.