Thursday, October 15, 2009


It took three guys, $200-plus in parts, and eight days, but we finally got water back on the dock just before Thanksgiving.

Good thing we live on a boat -- we have a water holding tank that we'd just refilled before we came home from our holiday, and we also keep several gallon jugs full of fresh water aboard, too. Still, it wasn't fun -- having to heat it to do dishes and wash up, and having our showers in the public marina showers. And we were nearly out of all that stowed water by the time it was restored. I kept thinking of those images of women in Africa having to walk 5 miles to get water every single day, and it kept me very grateful!

Yesterday I had to drive out to Sidney to pick up some charity knitting that's been getting dropped off at the LYS (Beacon Yarn Studio) there ... and, of course, they have a sale on right now, and of course, I had to buy some yarn I really needed.

Stop laughing, I did so need it. . . to cheer up. And I behaved admirably, I only bought one skein of Kertzer 'On Your Toes' bambo/nylon sock yarn, for River, who has sensitive skin.

And a magazine. Oh, and a couple of skeins of some other yarn I really needed. For Christmas presents... yeah, that's it, Christmas presents.


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