Thursday, October 1, 2009

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I LOVE going away... and I LOVE coming home!

We spent our last 'away' night on the dock at Poets Cove -- it was windy and pissy, and, well, we still had money ... so, why not? :)

We also listened to the extended forecast while we were there, and heard 'Wednesday, rain,' 'Thursday, rain', 'Friday, rain' and 'Saturday, cloudy with sunny periods' ... so we decided we might as well be at home. Left Poets Cove yesterday morning -- during a break in the rain -- and less than 5 hours later, we were on the docks here in the Inner Harbour. Still couldn't bring ourselves to come HOME home (to OUR marina in the Upper Harbour) until this morning! Here's the Turn Point Lighthouse on Stuart Island (American side) just outside Bedwell Harbour:

In Haro Strait this tug and barge went by us really fast ... I don't think I've ever seen a tugboat with a barge move that quickly!

And the Amy Usen greeted us as we came in to Victoria....

All in all, it was a wonderful, wonderful holiday, and I'm ready for fall, the routine, getting back to work, etc.

We'll take a few days to get settled back in here, and then we'll go up-Island this weekend to spend some time with Sri. (Susan is still hanging on, but in a 'vegetative state,' and doctors don't expect her to live more than a week or so...)


Unknown said...

Hurray, Hurray, Hurray.
When you are away, your friends cannot even drive by the house to see if everything is okay.
What are you trying to make us old land lubbers get use to anyway?
Just opened this silly mac book and what at joy.
You are home.
I have survived my first -friends on a boat, gone for a month, Oh Lord please no bad weather while they are away holiday.
LOL Penny

Hailey said...

((((BIG, GIANT HUGS))) To pack with you and take to Sri...

Can't believe this is happening to Susan,and am really sad.

Hailey said...

And to Rose & Remy, too.
So Sad.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Thanks for once again sharing the trip with us.