Thursday, October 8, 2009


We've been home a week?? Where did it go?

It's been quite a week! First of all, the day before we got home, our son (who was taking care of all-things-marina while we were away) reported a geyser on the ramp from a seriously broken pipe under the dock. He shut the water off ... and a week later, it's still not back on. My hubby has been on his belly on the dock for most of the week, or climbing in and out of our little row boat, to access the problem.

Getting a neighborly hand out...

We're gaurdedly (is that a word?) hopeful that the water will be back on today.

And I, of course, came home to some serious writing deadlines that I had set before we left, so I've spent several hours at the computer. So Michael and I have barely had a moment to ourselves, after spending a whole month together, and it feels pretty weird! We did take one evening off for some time with the boys -- a dinghy ride to Fisherman's Wharf was in order.

I haven't given up knitting, though. :) I actually finished a hoodie for Gibson and had cast on the Christmas-present scarf for someone else before we got home from our holiday ...

And this week I've managed to finish the headband and wrist-warmers to go with the scarf, and started another Christmas-present scarf, and a Christmas-present pair of socks ... not exactly my usual knitting pace!

I've only made it down to Clover Point twice since I've been home, but one of the times was right at sunset. Correction: the full moon was coming up in one direction, and the sun was setting in the other ... it was stunning.

Wanna see that closer? (Remember you can click on the images to see them bigger, too...)

Must get back to work.... !


Grace said...

i was getting concerned when you had blogged in a week, worrying about your friend and all. If only life could be more vacation and less work, even if it isn't paid work it seems I always have a have to do list!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough when things break, but even worse when it's up to you to fix it. My sympathies to Michael!

Love your finished objects...great job!

Hailey said...

Love the photos!!!

Can't wait to see everyone this weekend, for whatever we're having for dinner on Sunday!!