Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Two weeks it took me to finish those socks! Unheard of in my world -- I' so glad to have them off the needles. I'm calling them 'Fraternal Twins' (as opposed to 'Identical Twins.') It's time to get really serious about Christmas knitting now.

And then there's spinning to be done.

... but, at the moment, it's making me crazy. I took the class on Sunday with these three lovely women (the one on the left is holding my skein of yarn because she messed hers up) ... and came home with two little skeins of pathetically overspun yarn, just like the last three times I sat down at a wheel. It's SO frustrating, because I so want to 'get it' but so far whatever it is that spinners make look so easy eludes me...

Other than that, I had a great weekend, and yesterday I spent most of the day making sense of my yarn room. Okay, well, it's a storage room -- but it has a lot of yarn in it... and a few of Michael's tools. And with the wreckage I left behind after I picked out the yarn to take on our holiday, and then yarn donations coming in for charity knitting since, it was pretty disorganized. I took a huge garbage bag of donations to a local mission the other day:

... which brought their total to 167 knitted items this year... and they need 500 by Christmas!

I'll spend some time playing in my stash again today -- I mean, sorting my yarn -- after I visit a friend who had surgery recently. Oh, and I'll get some paid work done, too -- I'm on a bit of a roll in that department!

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Anonymous said...

I'll be dropping off some things at Knotty by Nature this week-end for the charity drive. Some scarves and a couple of hats.