Monday, November 17, 2008


The first item on the agenda in going up-Island day before yesterday was to attend a 'learn-to-spin' day hosted by the Tsouhalem Weavers and Spinnners in Duncan. It took us forever to get out of Victoria on Saturday morning (you know how it goes ... we had to go to the bank, then we had to stop and buy a new phone card, then we had to stop by Mischa's to drop something off, then we had to get fuel ....well, each of those things took twice as long as we thought it would, and it was nearly 1:00 before we got over the Malahat!)

But it was a lovely day for a road trip, so we just meandered our way up, and checked in to the Sea Edge by about 3:00. Lots of knitting time! Then yesterday Michael and our friend Sri had a golf game booked, so I went to visit an old friend, Bev. We had a quick visit with my sister, and went for our moose roast dinner at Ray and Sandy's -- in celebration of Sandy's birthday in September (we were cruising, and they were hunting moose in the interior at the time), my upcoming birthday, and Ray and Michael's separate 'sober' birthdays. Photos tomorrow!

We had to drive straight home this morning, though, because I started my first day at Knotty By Nature. I'm going to have so much fun working there! (Have you put our grand opening on your calendar? December 6th -- hope to see you there!)

I've got the Noro socks on the needles, and a red 'festive' scarf, both samples for the store.

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