Sunday, November 23, 2008


At 5:00 a.m., I was up and had the coffee on, and had knitted a few inches on the red scarf. I was about to boot up and post to my blog, but then River, who spent the night here, woke up. So after some cuddle time, *he* wanted to play on the computer, and since I live on a boat and there's not a whole lot else for a 9-year-old to do, I sat and knit while I finished my coffee.

By then Michael was up, so I knit some more while we had another coffee. Then we took River out for breakfast before taking him home ... at which point I'd been dealing with said 9-year-old for several hours, so I took me and my knitting down to Clover Point for some meditation time. (I'd forgotten my camera -- which never happens! -- so I took some pictures with my cell phone, and they turned out badly.) There was at least 30 small boats out along a line from Trial Island to Ogden Point, fishing, so they must be biting (either that or they all heard the same untrue rumour...)

While I was there, my cell phone rang, and it was a friend of my son's visiting from Gabriola, whom I'd promised to take into the new yarn store -- so I drove over to pick her up, and off we went to Knotty by Nature. I got to hang out and knit while Caroline went over a box full of potential consignment goodies (fair trade Bolivian alpaca knitted goodies, to be precise) with Stephanie. The Noro socks are --> <-- this close to being ready for the toe decreases, which makes me very happy!

Got home at 3 p.m., just as the phone rang ... it was my daughter Hailey in Whistler to remind me that I hadn't posted to my blog yet! After we had a catch-up chat, Michael was waiting for me because we had some marina-related stuff to talk about and decisions to make ... and then it was time for dinner, which of course, I haven't had a chance to plan -- so off we went in search of a suitable take-out dinner (which turned out to be Chicken Satay from a great little Thai place for me and a cheese burger from the pub next door to it for him!), and then we went for a little drive...

... and here I am now, 7:30 p.m, FINALLY posting to my blog. Whew, I'm tired just from re-reading this! And I won't even TELL you my plans for tomorrow.....

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes there are just so many things happening in our lives to post about that there is no time to post. No one can accuse you of sloth!