Thursday, November 6, 2008


It's already Thursday morning, and I feel like I haven't accomplished a thing all week!

Oh, well, I won't likely accomplish much today, either... it's pouring rain, and we have a 'rainfall and wind warning' for the coast. It's already blowing 25 knots out there, and miserable. I do have to go out long enough for a haircut, but other than that, I might actually get some knitting done.

Yesterday morning I had breakfast with my friend Esther at Ogden Point, and we watched this creature being towed in to the harbour... (remember that you can click on the pics to see them bigger if that interests you...)

While I went outside to take a picture, someone at the next table told Esther that it was a landing barge, but I don't think that's true... I believe it's the part of the approach at a ferry landing between where you drive off the edge of the ferry and where your vehicle meets terra firma again. I'm going to swing by Point Hope Shipyard today to see if I can get the scoop -- I can't imagine where else it would have been going!

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