Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Who knew ... that you could take several bits of roving, and 'blend' them? Well, I guess if you are already a spinner, *you* did -- but I didn't, and yesterday Ryan was showing me how to use the drum carder in the store to blend fibres! Here's what I ended up with ...

Can you see the little bits of 'sparkle' (Stephanie's genius there) that we threw in? Now I get to spin it and I'll probably end up with about 25 yards of luscious fibre to knit with. (But so far I've never spun anything without adult supervision, so I'll let you know if I brave it myself.)

Meanwhile, I'm still playing with Christmas ornaments, and thank you all so much for some great suggestions! Here's the latest creations (these are about 3" tall):

There. I've knit a Fair Isle sweater, so I can cross that off my life list.


Anita said...

Your roving is gorgeous!!

I love your sweater, but I just had to laugh.... yep, you've knit a fair isle sweater. :)

Wool Enough said...

Your fiber looks delicious. I've never used a drum carder, but occasionally I've smooshed two different bits of roving together by hand, just for fun.

Monica said...

I used to spin rovings that looked a lot like that. But it was dyed in the roving. Loved spinning it. Always so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Your last comment made me laugh out loud! See, I'd rather knit a full size fair-isle, as those fiddly little sweaters just look like too much fiddling to me :-)