Sunday, December 23, 2007


This is a bit of a story, so come back later if you don't have much time right now...

My big sister Julie just turned 59 a few weeks ago. She has been and done lots of things in her life .... interesting things. She was Canada's youngest x-ray technician when she graduated many, many moons ago, and worked for many years in that field. She is a self-taught interior designer and space-planner, and has a great eye for colors and textures. She's been married twice, and raised two great kids to adulthood -- they all survived very well!

She's a talented quilter and a talented seamstress, and currently makes a living as a (also talented) website designer and private housecleaner/organizer.

Well.... about 4 or 5 months ago, a friend convinced my sister that she should try painting -- you know, with an easel and palette and brushes and such. She was only vaguely interested at the time, but kind of wanted to please her friend, so she got Erin to show her a few brushstrokes.

To make a long story short .... Julie has only painted about 7 or 8 canvasses at this point, but she has SO found her 'calling' in a big way! She LOVES it, AND and she just sold her first painting AND has been invited to exhibit her work in the local art gallery! Needless to say, my sister is OVER THE MOON with this newfound interest (which she is now calling a passion/mission) ... and so am I, because look what I got for Christmas....

The technical details (and since I don't have much of a clue about these things, I hope I have this right!): these are watercolor paintings, and although they are two separate canvasses (called Herring Season I and Herring Season II), together they are apparently called a 'diptych.'

The emotional details: My sister knows that herring season on Vancouver Island, in March, is one of my favorite times of the year. It's absolutely magical out on the water ... the fish boats, the eagles hovering, the sea lions feasting, the warm spring air, the smells, even the color of the water is turquoise-y because of the herring spawn. Here's a column I wrote about it for a newspaper once -- and another one.

The diptych ....

Unbelievable. I'm SO excited about these paintings ... and now I have to remodel the v-berth bathroom before I can hang them up!


Karen said...

Neat! Nice to see the 'work' - very special.

Grace said...

my dear husband also paints and thought your sisters were awesome, Have a merry Christmas Marilyn, so glad we got teamed up in ISE 5!!!