Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday I played 'catch-up' all day with various projects that were getting behind. First of all, the 'Forest Floor' scarf is finally finished...

This was a test knit I did for a BC designer, with her own hand-dyed wool, and it was lovely to work with. She calls it the Shifting Hues scarf because the blocks of color 'zigzag' across the scarf nicely once you get gauge. This photo doesn't show it well, but the first foot or so did the zigzag thing... but she made the mistake , in the pattern, of describing how to 'change' the zigzag (by knitting tighter, etc.), and so that's what I did for the whole rest of the scarf.... played!

Here's an entry from Ruth's blog about how she looks at
color. She's also a dynamo photographer, so her photos become the inspiration for the colorways she creates when she dyes wool. And she creates some amazing colorways!

I also finished a pair of lowly slippers for myself... basic ancient slipper pattern, but I like to pick up the stitches around the foot opening and do about an inch in a rib pattern. Finishes them off nicely, and makes them wear longer, I think.

I worked on a small writing/editing project, I wound some balls of yarn for future projects, and I did housework (I know, you've never heard me mention that word before, right?). But the thing is that we're leaving on holidays in two weeks, and when we go on holidays we take our house with us , so things need to be in some semblance of order!

Then we went out to play in the dinghy(on the other hand, I *know* you've heard that word 'play' here, lots of times!. There are a few boats starting to arrive for our annual Wooden Boat Festival, which takes place on the September long weekend...

Tomorrow ... will be more of the same.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...housework. Wouldn't that be "boatwork"? VBG!

Never tell a test knitter how to change things. Knitters just can't resist, eh? It's lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, it's a rough life here on the coast, hey? I'm glad you're there to pick to do the hard job, 'cause someone has to. :-)