Monday, August 25, 2008

LONG DAY .... and lots of FO's

So yesterday morning I woke up all verklempt for no apparent reason -- but it was a good excuse to leave the boat with my knitting basket, at sunrise, and make my way to Clover Point, early latte in hand.

The rain we were promised hadn't materialized yet, and it was lovely. I set to work on several UFO's -- first, I had one-and-a-half of these spa cloths done, so I finished them. Yay, I've started my Christmas knitting!

And then my peace was interrupted by the arrival of several cars all at once... and it turned out to be the staging area for a small parade!

Apparently the local Porsche Club (who knew?) does this car rally every year to raise money for the programs at the Queen Alexandra Child Development Centre. Have a closer look at this 1910 paddy wagon...

And its utilitarian interior... (can you say that three times fast?)

There were a few pretty cool cars there...

... but it was getting noisy and busy, and the rain was starting, so I decided to move along.

I ended up at the Oak Bay Marina in the mist ... it was lovely, and I finished two more spa cloths and a Christmas baby hat before I treated myself to brunch there.

And yes, thanks for asking, I feel much better now!


Grace said...

i know just that feeling, but usually don't have anywhere to go. I am glad you have such interesting spots to fill your verklempt days!

Anonymous said...

Christmas baby hats will make anyone feel better!