Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Thanks for all the anniversary wishes -- it was a lovely one!

We headed out of the harbour on Saturday afternoon to anchor out at Albert Head, but when we stopped for fuel, we couldn't get started again! So there we were, hanging out at the fuel dock, for about 45 minutes -- while Michael did whatever mechanics do to fix motors that won't start.

I knit, personally. And watched this tuna boat behind us unload its catch...

See that net suspended between the boat and the dock? (Click to see it bigger if you like...) ... it's chock-full of flash-frozen tuna fish, and I watched at least 20 of those nets get unloaded in the time we sat there.

By the time Michael sort of figured out our problem (one of our two 'starting' batteries was dead, dead, dead) and got us going again, it was drizzling rain -- so we decided to head back to the marina after all.

But all was not lost. Back on the dock, a quick trip out got us a new battery charger, and when we got up Sunday morning the skies were blue and the seas calm ... so off we went again.

Here's the 'other' skipper at the helm...

We had to come back yesterday because our Hailey, who has been here in Victoria on a contract off and on for the last 4 months, was leaving for Whistler on the 3:00 o'clock ferry. We won't see her again now until Thanksgiving, so we wanted to have lunch with her before she left.

At Albert Head, sitting up on the bridge with my morning coffee and my knitting, I'd watched (via binoculars) a scene unfold in the direction of the Victoria harbour. First of all, I saw some kind of freighter come in (from the Juan de Fuca Strait) and anchor off our harbour entrance. Then a little tug towed a floating building out to it from the Esquimalt Harbour (just along the waterfront), and then another TWO tugs brought a fuel barge out to it. Very curious!

Well, we had to pass it on our way in, and here's what we saw...

Turns out it was a Russian freighter, and not one I'd ever seen even go by.

When we got back on the dock the journalist in me kicked in and I made some calls to see if I could find out what was going on there, but didn't get any answers. I'll keep trying today and let you know!

Meanwhile, much knitting took place... first of all, that weekend project (you know, from LAAAASSST weekend?) finally got finished. It's a 'shawl-collared' shawl in some gorgeous yarns .... mohair and wool blends ... and lovely jewel-toned colors. It'll be perfect for those chilly evenings in September when we're on our holidays.

I have no idea why that photo looks foggy...
Just before we untied the ropes, I also finished my scarf bit and someone else's second scarf bit for a Ravelry travelling scarves group that I signed up for.

I also worked on the side-to-side vest (which I'm already sick of, and I still have to get rid of all those ends and sew in the zipper, but that's another story...), AND the cuffs are done on my Olympic 'Michael-sized' socks!

Got back in time to have lunch with Hail, and took her (and her lemon tree) to the ferry.

And the sun set on another amazing day in Wind Walker-land...


Anonymous said...

My, what a weekend you've had. Glad that, all in all, you had a pleasant time.

We used to see just the funnels of freighters over the Mississippi levee when I drove our DDs to school. They enjoyed "collecting" new ones. I remember, in particular, a Greek one that was beige with a blue lyre on it.

Anonymous said...

Up here instead of freighters we watch the barges and tugboats. We try to guess what the barges have on them.

our island waterways are always entertaining!

Love all the knitting progress. You're so good about taking photos.