Wednesday, August 20, 2008


HA! Some Olympian I am!

So I'm knitting a pair of socks for Michael, and since I have 'some' light blue and 'some' gray, I decide to make the cuff, heel and toe in blue and the rest in gray. Knit the blue cuffs for both, no problem. Knit the obligatory 7" ankle in gray, no problem. Knit the heel flaps for both in blue, no problem. Turned the heel in both, no problem. Pick up stitches along both sides of the heel flap, in blue, both socks, no problem. But now what??

Near as I can tell, I have to now switch to gray for the instep ... on every row ... while I do the decreases.... and then back to blue, then back to gray (as in: intarsia) .... PROBLEM. I've been up since 4 a.m. trying to figure this out (why can't I have knitting problems in the daytime so I can call someone???) and I've now frogged all the way back to the start of the heel flap, which will be GRAY now, not blue!

On a more positive note, last night I over-dyed the second skein of wool from Sunday, and I like it MUCH better. Pictures as soon as it's daylight!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, but I'm no help. I've knit 30+ pairs of socks, but never in two colors. Will look forward to hearing how you solve this.

Anonymous said...

K i'm barely awake ( yes i know the time but i'm sick remember!) but i think it's solved by short rows ( wrap and turn ish) to finished the heel.
I just typed hell which is prolly what you are wanting to call it by now lol.
Also woman! You should of just gone to a couple of groups in teh Ravelry and asked. The Techniques group or some of the sock groups would work.
Actually thats a better idea than going by my guess at this point, since i'm kinda foggy

Anonymous said...

Laurie is right, short row heels allow you to complete the heel in another colour. Or you can just do the heel flap in the contrast colour if you are doing a gusset heel.