Thursday, August 28, 2008


So I'm going to be away for a whole month, cruising in the Gulf Islands -- which translates to LOTS of knitting time. I'm an early riser, and Michael is not, so I have at least 3 -4 hours every single morning to knit before he gets up -- and then, in the evenings, another hour or two up on the bridge before the sun sets. We are usually busy during the day -- swimming, exploring in the dinghy, gathering oysters, going for walks ashore, etc. -- but if it's rainy or Michael gets involved in some boat project, then I have more knitting time! I'm a pretty fast knitter, too...

So I have to decide, in advance, every year, what projects I'll take with me -- and make sure I have enough yarn along. LYS's are scarce where I'm going (although there is one on Salt Spring Island, and last year I did manage to spend $28 on a luscious skein of handspun, hand-dyed Pender Island wool in a little boutique-y, artsy place in a little bay there).

I intend to finish the Melissa Leapman cardigan, and I'm bringing the yarn for a hoodie for myself, as well. In addition to that, I have:

- 20 (give or take) skeins of sock yarn
- yarn for two prayer shawls for Threads of Compassion, and a lace shawl for a gift for someone
- enough wool for another side-to-side (or 'scrumbled', I haven't decided yet) vest for myself
- enough cotton for about 20 dish cloths and/or spa cloths for gifts
- two skeins of recycled sari silk (for no apparent reason that is clear just now, except that it's stunning to look at and touch)
- 4 skeins of a tweedy wool blend that will make nice touques and/or scarves for myself or as gifts
- the pound of undyed alpaca I salvaged last week

... and maybe a few more random skeins of random yarny goodness here and there...

What do you think ... have I got enough? :-)


Grace said...

i hope you have a wonderful trip, it sounds envious!!!

Anita said...

I'd have to have MORE! LOL
But then I don't think my back room full of yarn would fit on your boat! :)

Hope you have a wonderful trip!!
Can't wait to see all of your photos!