Thursday, October 22, 2009



So... now, for something positive. :) First of all, I have a few websites to share this morning...

The first one is all about Heifer International, and the 'longest scarf in the world.' My friend Wendy sent me the link for this project several months ago, and it was perfect for to take on -- the scarf I started for our 'team' here in Victoria went all around Vancouver Island, ended up being less than a meter long, and raised $235! Over $25,000 was raised by the project, and every cent gets used to buy fibre-bearing animals for people in poverty somewhere in the world.

I also want to let you know about, "Hope for the Cure - One Stitch at a Time." You can download a lovely 2010 calendar with 14 original dishcloth patterns for $15USD, and all the profits go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. It's Breast Cancer month, and I know, or know of, several women fighting this horrible disease - I don't 'run for the cure' but I can sure knit!

Speaking of knitting, I started another pair of socks day before yesterday ... and, in my opinion, this is how knitting socks *should* go!

Unlike that last pair, which took two weeks, it's been 48 hours of knitting in my spare time (definition: over coffee with Michael in the mornings, maybe 45 minutes 'mindful knitting' time at Clover Point each day, ten minutes while waiting for River to get out of school on Tuesday, and maybe half an hour while I was cooking supper last night)-- and I'm ready to start the heel flap. That's much more my pace, especially for socks -- if the same pair is on the needles for a week, they start making me crazy!

One more site to share with you ... SimpleKnits, an Indiana blogger, has posted over 600 links to patterns that can be knit with less than 300 yards of yarn. PERFECT for Christmas knitting gift projects!

MUCH work to do this morning, and much goofing off to do this afternoon .... :-)

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Heather said...

Hi Just dropped by while searching for an update on the Fleece and Fibre show on Saturday. A friend and I will be there from Lasqueti - looking forward to lots of fiber-y goodness!