Friday, October 16, 2009


When we lived in northern Alberta (from 1982 - 1988, when our kids were young), the Olympics came to Calgary, a three-hour drive away. It was the year of the amazing Elizabeth Manley, Eddie the Eagle ski-jumper, and the 'battle of the Brians.'

And I missed it entirely. We owned a janitorial business then, and we were putting in, sometimes, 14 hours a day. I barely had time to watch it on TV!

Well, the 2010 Olympics are in Whistler, and I have a daughter who lives there, so I wasn't going to miss it this time! As a matter of fact, I decided to apply to be a volunteer while I'm there (February 12 - 28th, 2010) ... and guess what? I was accepted! I'll be driving an official Olympics van! How cool is that??

I don't have my schedule yet, but they've told me I'll be driving athletes to and from the Athlete's Village to the sporting venues, and/or dignitaries or international media to and from various functions in and around Whistler. Can you tell I'm excited?? I was supposed to go to the Handweavers and Spinners Guild monthly meeting last night, but the Olympics volunteer person called to interview me just as I was going out the door, so I never made it there. But this was just the BEST news to lift my spirits right now ... and today is Knit'n'Cafe, so it'll be a good day!


Anonymous said...

That is cooler than cool! I'll bet you will have knitting at your side for in-between times and rides, too.

Unknown said...

P here. Congratulations. They are going to really being impressed by Canadians, thanks to you. Way to go.

Hailey said...

I'm excited!

I can't wait for all my house-hostessing gifts, and am making room for you now!

Just kidding. I always have room for you!


Anonymous said...

That is so cool!!!


Esther V. said...

OMG...this is fantastic! What an experience..wtg!

..and you will enjoy your time with Hailey while in Whistler.