Monday, November 29, 2010


Got back from my little retreat this afternoon -- it was nice, and not long enough.  :) Oh, well, we'll spend three nights on the dock at the Empress this weekend, so that'll be a nice little break, too.

This was the view from my room when I arrived ...

Then I walked over to my favorite restaurant for dinner (this was in Sidney, not sure if I mentioned that) and this was the view en route..

I knit. Stock stuffers for family which I can't show you ... and a delightful test knit project for a designer in Portland, which I also can't show you (yet)!

Now I believe my hubby is waiting for me to finish this so he can take me out for dinner.

Only one more NaBloPoMo day to go!


Anonymous said...

Sending a big Maritime Happy Birthday wish to you Marilyn. I hope you had an awesome day and a great meal with your husband! (did he buy you some wool as a present?)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Esther V. said...

It was nice to spend part of your birthday with you today!! You are a ray of sunshine in my life.
I finished the angora hat made from the leftover neckline of the preshrunk sweater...3 sets of wrist warmers and a hat out of ONE sweater...
Hope you can make it to my craft fair RoyalOakMiddleSchool Sat. Dec. 4. 10-3pm WestSaanichRd.
I have absolutely no pride to advertise on your blog space!!! LOL

Dawn said...

Happy Nirthday! I can't think of a better way to celebrate it!