Friday, November 12, 2010


Living really close to Value Village is a blessing AND a curse, but once in awhile  I find a real gem. This little black case is the current one:
 It's vinyl (wipes clean easily!) and measures, folded up, about 10" square; it has a carrying handle like a purse. There's an embedded mirror inside the top, so I imagine that it as meant to be a make-up bag .... but look how perfect it is for all things 'knitting'! There's a zippered compartment you can't see that holds a ton of pattern pages, and there's room where you see the little wooden bowl (for beading when I'm knitting) for at least two skeins of yarn, so it could carry a WIP, too.

The cost? $2.99!

** I'm participating in NaBloPoMo, so I'm committed to posting something to my blog every single day in November... wish me luck. :-) Since some days it's difficult to think of things to write about, I decided it would be fun to ask YOU for your ideas! Now's your chance ... if there's something you'd like to know more of about me -- regarding the liveaboard lifestyle, my passion for all things fibre, what it's like to be a grandma, living in Victoria, whatever -- leave me a comment with your question, and that will give me (hopefully) some 'subject fodder' for the month.** 


Anonymous said...

What a great find Marilyn and the price is was more than right! Looks as if you've got it all organized already...

SpinMeAYarn said...

Hi! I used to read your blog about 6 months ago, then had to take a break from blogging for a bit, but just found you now again.
Sorry to read you were ill, i hope all is well now again.
Good luck with the NaBloMo (left out some letters but you know what I mean)
Ideas for blogposts: favourite recipe, favourite local beauty spot, or your favourite local hidden gem of a place, places you've been to and enjoyed, the weather, nature around you...
I thought it was very interesting to read about your galley kitchen and your storage of wool etc.
Thanks for sharing
liz in Ireland