Monday, December 19, 2011


Even with Esther reminding me, I haven't blogged for two days. I'm knitting .... stuff... that I can't tell you about or show you .... 'cuz it's Christmas. So .... later!

HOWEVER.... big news! I'm so excited, because for 14 years (since we moved aboard the Wind Walker) I haven't been able to host Christmas - the boat is roomy enough for two people to live aboard comfortably, but not to host a big family dinner. So we've been mostly at Mischa's since the boys came along, and that's been great. But I miss 'mother henning' my brood on Christmas Day, especially, and having to 'help out' in someone else's kitchen. So .... this year I stuck my neck out a mile, and asked the owners of this property that we are taking care of if I could host my family in the 'big house', because I knew they weren't going to be here. THEY SAID YES!! I'm over the moon about this, I just can't even tell you how much fun it will be for me. :-)

And I have much `smaller` big news, too ... this morning for the first time I put my wool handknit socks on these feet *without* cotton sockies underneath -- and my skin has not been irritated all day! (For those of you who have no idea why this is such good news, you can read what happened to me in September here and here.)

So it`s been a great day all around!

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