Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Esther came over from Victoria yesterday to knit with us Rock Salties, but she got the server to take this picture of the two of us before the others arrived:
Another special guest arrived this morning to have a few 'sleepovers' with us .... you see, Gibson is in kindergarten this year, and school's out but his Mom still has to work -- so he got to come early for Christmas! (River, on the other hand, will be 13 in a few weeks -- how did THAT happen?? -- so he and a visiting cousin are hanging out at home). So .... quality bonding time with 'Auntie' and of course, with his Papa:
It's supposed to dip below freezing tomorrow night, maybe, but the last several days have been beautifully warm. Warm enough that some neighbors were out in their kayaks this morning...
Hailey and Gibson have gone off to Carol's farm to collect eggs and visit the goats, but it's my job to make supper .... a certain little 5-year-old requested Kraft Dinner and weiners, of all things ... I sure hope veggie rice and sausages is a good substitute!

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