Monday, December 5, 2011


The dictionary definition of 'kismet' is destiny and 'unexpected' or 'delightful surprise' destiny is somewhat alluded to in the full description of the word.

So day before yesterday, when I went out intending to go to the two south-Island craft fairs that were going on (Fulford Hall and Beaver Point Hall), it's no surprise that a sandwich board outside one of them caught my eye, and I followed it. It said "KISMET GALLERY ... just past the hall." I ended up at another one of those 'this-could-only-happen-on-Salt-Spring' kinds of places...
This is the entrance to the 'Kismit Gallery', on an acreage pretty much literally in the middle of nowhere (note the welcoming fire burning in the pot):To the right, this false front separates the gallery from the proprietor's home and private yard:This is the 'outdoor store':Inside, looking out:
More 'gallery' (and that's Carola, the delightful proprietor, in the background):
You can barely see it, but Carola is busy making me a latte in the little coffee shop part of this 'gallery'. And the loveliest surprise of all:
Wouldn't you love to join me for lattes and knitting, right here?

Speaking of knitting ... I've done some. I've looked forever for a knitted snowflake pattern (they all seem to be crocheted) and finally found one:
Once I pinned these out to block them I could see I made some mistakes in the bind-off ... but there's never supposed to be two alike anyway, right? :)

And every year, about this time, I go on a hat-knitting binge. This year's first one is a lovely deep purple color, but the photo doesn't show that very well...
The regular Monday Ganges knitting group had to move somewhere else today because the restaurant where we usually meet is closed for some reason.... so we are meeting at the Rock Salt instead. Works for me, maybe I'll get Mike's socks done!

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Anonymous said...

I love the snowflakes Marilyn. And you're right... no two should look alike. Great job on the hat too. I really love it.