Sunday, December 4, 2011


Okay, so I made it through NaBloPoMo successfully (that is, I posted something every day in November) ... and now, fool that I am, I've signed up to do it again in December. December being what it is, I'll be amazed if I can pull it off, especially closer to the Christmas craziness, but why not try? I mean, it's pretty rare that I have nothing to say. (Stop laughing, all you folks who know me in-real-life).

But today IS one of those days. I've done the housework (that takes about 20 minutes when you live on a boat, you gotta love that) and I've been knitting snowflakes all morning. I need to get enough different ones to bother taking a picture, so that will be tomorrow. There's no storm, no news from funky little Fulford ... and I haven't finished Christmas decorating, so I can't take a picture of that, either. I have nothing to say, but I need to create a blog entry.

Oh, well, here's my PHOTO OF THE DAY:

The 'Zodiac' is an American (Washington-based) tall ship that spends quite a bit of time in these waters -- I think they might take school kids out on field trips and such. Their website is here.

And that's all I have to say when I have nothing to say. :)

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Anonymous said...

Just sayin', my school's neatest field trip was to the dairy to see ice cream made. A trip on that ship would be a-maz-ing!