Monday, December 12, 2011

I almost forgot to post today!

Had a great day, starting with going into Ganges this morning to help Mike put Christmas lights up on his boat. Then there was knitting at the Rock Salt with several other women, including Esther who came over from Victoria again. :-) I'm to finishing the socks on the needles, and I've started yet another hat.

But the best part of the day was getting this picture ....
I love this photo! For one thing, that's how clear the water is here.... on the right side of that log the water is at least 10' deep, and you can still see the bottom. And that seagull is one of two who seems to think he's a permanent resident here in the marina, so he's almost like a 'pet' seagull. We were just walking up the dock to go to town when I saw this, and I had to put down my bag, put down my knitting bag, get out the camera, take off my gloves so I could operate it, and get this shot -- all while the sun behind me was disappearing into a cloud, and Michael was already waiting for me in the van.

Tomorrow we have to go back to finish the last of that yard work we started last week... and it's supposed to snow here. I may end up with extra knitting time!

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