Thursday, December 1, 2011


I knew that Esther was coming (from Victoria) to knit with me this afternoon ... and that alone would have been wonderful! What I didn't know was that she was bringing along our old friend Bev ...
... so that was an additional treat! And then Carol turned up, too, so it was the biggest turn-out ever for the Fulford 'knitting circle'.

Bev was working on a sock (as was I):
Carol is our knitting 'imposter' but she does amazing bead weaving:
... and Esther was on a little departure from the norm, too. She took a cro-knitting class recently, and was showing us what she's learning:
A *very* fun afternoon with three of my favorite women! :-)


Beverley J said...

It was great fun to see you too! I had a wonderful time yesterday, wish it could have been longer. May try to get over again with Esther. You have an amazing spot over there. Idyllic really. The boiler in the apt building has broken down again, we were warmwe on our boat!!!!!

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