Thursday, December 8, 2011


... when I see one. So today, when I was sitting at the Rock Salt Cafe waiting for other knitters to join me, I noticed this woman come in, take off her coat and sit down at the table next to mine.
"Indeed it is," she said, in response to my query, "but not by me. I commissioned a woman in Seattle to knit it for me." I told her I hoped she paid dearly for it, and she said she did, but had no regrets! It's a Kaffe Facett design, apparently, knit in pure wool, and the woman said she's had it for about 3 years. Pretty amazing design!

I, on the other hand, have no knitting to show you ... I've cast on and frogged a cable-design hat three times today. :(

I do, however, have a little treat for you, courtesy of my Metchosin friend, Wendy. Check this out... . :-)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Marilyn... loved the singing sheep with their lovely scarves. Michael looks well and glad to see you're decorating your boat. Will there be a contest on Salt Spring for the best decorated boat like there was in Victoria?