Friday, December 2, 2011


The Christmas knitting that I do usually begins in January ... mainly because my entire family has come to expect socks under the tree, and there's never a time that I don't have socks on the needles anymore.

But this time of year I end up doing extra Christmas knitting, too, of course -- in case I end up in a craft fair, or for stocking stuffers, or for little gifts for people who pop in over the holidays, or for various gift 'exchanges', etc. This year I found an adorable little pattern that I've been having fun with this morning....
These little beaded trees use very few yards of sock yarn (or any fingering weight), so they're a great stash-buster. Each one uses 74 beads (or about 100 if you use them for the 'hanger' part), and they only take about half an hour to knit once you get onto the rhythm of the pattern. They could be bookmarks, gift tags, wrapping adornments, or tree decorations!
These ones aren't blocked yet, but the pattern claims that the finished size will be 5" high and 4.25" wide -- I think mine will be a bit smaller than that, which is fine with me.

The pattern, from Heartstrings Fiber Arts, can be found here if it interests you!

If you're like me and you also think that knitting your Christmas gifts will save you money this year, here's a great little story that you'll get a chuckle out of. (Make sure you read through to the end of page 2)...

Today Michael and I will put a tree up outside on the property patio, sort through our Christmas decorations, and go for a walk. Michael is on DAY FIFTEEN as a non-smoker!!

If you click on this photo to make it bigger, you'll see that this otter has an eel in its mouth!

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Linda said...

Love that little tree pattern, I'll pop over and check it out. We hoped to get over to Salt Spring Island while visiting family during November in Sooke. But the last few days when we had time it was so windy that the ferries were cancelled a few times. On our next spring visit we hope to visit the island and talk some of those footpaths you mention.