Thursday, December 15, 2011


I spent this morning finishing up a hat, and then forgot to take a photo while I still had daylight. ... so you can see the original here, for now.

Then I had to do some housework ... we have company coming tomorrow night and I want the boat to look lovely and Christmas-y -- it's "Festive Friday in Fulford" and, all decked out in our lights, we will be leaving the dock and cruising out around the bay. (Festive Friday is an event in the village that involves live music, hot apple cider, shops open late, etc., and I've sort of tried to get a few of the local boaters interested in doing a Christmas boat parade, but I don't think I convinced anyone).

Doesn't matter -- I'm putting on a big pot of chili in the morning, and some new and old friends will be here, and we're going Christmas cruising, even if we're the only ones! I miss the fun of the Victoria Christmas boat parade, and next year, I hope to plan one here, starting much sooner in the fall.

Then, this afternoon, Esther and Bev came over from Victoria, and Carol and Shirley came from here, and we knit (and Carol and Shirley both do bead weaving) at the Rock Salt for 2 hours. It was lots of fun, and I came home exhausted!

So, n the absence of knitting photos, here's a 'PHOTO OF THE DAY':
This is Sunset over the Gulf Islands from the anchorage in Winter Cove on Saturna Island -- one of our favorite marine parks here.

Here's another (unrelated) photo, just for fun!
Wind-surfing in the Juan de Fuca off Clover Point...

Stars on Ice is on TV tonight, and watching it is how I'll wind down a great day!

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JudyG said...

that sunset shot is beautiful.