Thursday, January 3, 2008


Yesterday morning my son and I took my grandson Joshua to the train, and since I was already 'out and about' I realized I could get some errands done -- if only the stores were open that early! So what's a gal to do while she's waiting? Find a nice look-out and knit, of course! The lookout I chose is called 'Trafalgar Square' which is really quite pretentious considering it's a simple u-shaped pull-off along the waterfront in Oak Bay.

It is, however, a place where one can watch boats go through Enterprise Channel, which is the tricky narrow bit of reef-infested water between Trial Island (where the now de-commissioned lighthouse is) and Victoria. There must have been a New Year's yacht club cruise leaving town, because I got to watch about a dozen boats go through the pass -- all successfully!

That was my entertainment while I worked on another diamond for River's blanket -- it's his birthday tomorrow, so it's not going to be done, but it'll be a great take-along project for the next few weeks.

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