Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I'm still in New Year's resolutions mode, and I found this list yesterday at

On that blog, it’s called a ‘Life List,’ but I’ve adapted it to become my list of things I’d like to do THIS year (except for the first two, under ‘travel’ – those ARE on a life list!)

1. See Canada from coast to coast – especially Nova Scotia, my birthplace.
2. Cruise the entire BC coast
3. Get to Whistler for a visit some time during the summer months

1. Take a photography course
2. Update my web development skills
3. Learn to play the flute
4. Go to a talk or lecture at UVic
5. Learn at least one new fibre-related skill

1. Spend more quality time with each of the kids
2. Tell them I love them and I’m proud of them more

1. Become more organized, and get rid of some of my storage
2. Do more housework in general.

1. Attend a live play here in Victoria
2. Go to the local Jazz Club just once
3. Knit lots, especially new challenges … and take pics and maintain the blog

Overcoming fears
1. Be friendlier/less judgmental to individual women in my life
2. Take the helm of the Wind Walker more often in challenging situations
3. Get back to my 12-step program enough to feel comfortable there again.

1. Write for the magazine market again.
2. Do a better job of the financial reporting for the marina.
3. Consider a long-term/retirement plan.
4. Do more event planning.
5. Consider taking the Master Knitter program.

1. Work towards a healthy ATTAINABLE goal weight.
2. Get back to the gym a minimum of twice a week
3. WALK for at least 20 minutes on the other days.
4. Establish a relationship with a doctor.
5. Cook at least 3 meals a week at home, and eat healthier in general

1. Tell someone I love them every day
2. Be more open-minded in my personal problem-solving
3. Express appreciation for my life in some way every day

1. Attempt to say hello, have eye contact, and/or smile at, at least 5 strangers a week.
2. Help someone in need in some way at least weekly.
3. “Pay it forward…”

Whew, I'm going to be busy!

Doesn't this look more like a watercolor painting than a photo? It was taken at daybreak off McTavish Road in Sidney.


Annie said...

I like your new year's resolutions!!

Grace said...

an ambitious list but I bet you can do it

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, enjoyed reading yours. Good luck on your list, I am slowly beginning to cross a few things off mine...but then another thing comes to mind and you want to add to it :-)