Friday, May 1, 2009


It's been a busy time here since I got back from the retreat, catching up with paid work, FibreFest and grandchildren (not necessarily in that order)!

But day before yesterday the local news announced that the HMCS Chicoutimi was arriving by cargo ship. Here's one of the stories/photos. So we went for a drive to see it for ourselves...

This is just about the ugliest thing to ever grace this beautiful harbour, I think. And although you won't hear me express political opinions here very often (not that I don't have them, I just don't use my blog to express them!), I can't help but wonder, of our Federal government, "What were they thinking?" This submarine was already moth-balled in 2004 after a serious fire that injured several sailors and killed one of them -- and then our government buys the thing for some bargain-basement price (still in the millions, though), and is now going to throw a few more million at it to make it seaworthy.

If I was in the Canadian Navy, I think I'd be praying that I never get assigned to it.

But, while following the Chicoutimi news stories, I got introduced to this site, and ... you're going to really think I'm losing it now ... I love it! What fun it is to be able to figure out the ships that are coming and going in the Juan de Fuca, to see where our Coast Guard is running exercises (that's the 'Ricker', if you can find it on that map), and to follow the local tugboats. You can move around on the map and zoom from the Juan de Fuca entrance to the Gulf Islands to the port of Vancouver -- it's a time-suck, but an interesting one, and it'll definitely come in handy when we go on our cruising holiday in September!

Now, you'd think I'd have some thing of beauty to show you after that, wouldn't you? But I'm still working on the same two scarves I was a week ago, and the same pair of socks, too. Maybe today at Knit'n'Cafe I'll get a finally-finished-object!

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Anonymous said...

That sub's arrival gives new meaning to the "look what the dog's drug in" cliche'. :-)