Monday, May 11, 2009


... I rarely blog on the weekends. I'm too busy living!

My 'weekend' always kicks off at Friday Knit'n'Cafe, and this week we had a drop-in visit from Esther and her three grandchildren -- all of whom are *almost* as adorable as my grandchildren. Charlotte, the oldest, taught us how to finger-knit:

Then we had River and Gibson overnight on Friday ... this was a first for Gibson since he was a baby. He's been in that too-big-for-the-playpen-too-small-to-sleep-in-a-real-bed stage for a long time, and we have limited options on a boat for someone who's used to a crib. But he's nearly 3 now, and Mischa and Jeff had a concert to attend, so we thought we'd give it a try again. We had a great time!

(Note the T-shirt River is wearing, I love it! It says, "Stop annoying my parents, that's MY job!")

On Saturday mornings I teach Intermediate Knitting at the store, so by Saturday afternoon, which was gorgeous, I was ready for a dinghy picnic. There's been a LOT of noise across the harbour here at Point Hope Shipyard all week, so we cruised over there to see what was going on. Earlier this week, this barge was brought in:

But now it looks like this...

They've been tearing it apart for scrap metal all week -- no wonder it was so noisy!

Then we went over to the Inner Harbour, and 'hid' for awhile behind Laurel Point:

While we were there, we had company...

And we watched a young hawk in a tree on the point, too...

Then, on our way back under the bridge, we slowed down to watch the F/V Amy Usen getting its spring 'spruce-up.'

The Amy Usen is an active local fishing boat, built in 1966. She's an 85-foot troller with a cargo-sized hold!

Then yesterday afternoon I participated in the second 'Sheep to Skein' class, which I'll tell you all about tomorrow! :)