Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SHEEP TO SKEIN and other knitterly news

Saturday's Sheep to Skein class was as much fun as the first one -- I had washed some more of my Corriedale before the others arrived, and then we spent the day learning to card:

And it wasn't all 'work':

Amy and May even tried the drop spindle:

Next week's class is spinning on the drop spindle, but I'll miss that one ... we're taking the family out to Albert Head to celebrate Gibson's 3rd birthday, but the final class is on dyeing, and I'll be there for that one!

I've decided I *love* 3mm sock needles -- after laboring over the last pair (on 2mms) for almost 3 weeks, I cast these on Friday morning, and finished them last night!

I'll be casting on the test knit ones today, finally.

We had dinner with Mischa and the boys last night (we decided it was our belated Mother's Day dinner), and then Michael and I drove down to Clover Point briefly. I'm glad we cut through Beacon Hill Park to get there, because I've been intending to get a photo of the camas grass, which is in full bloom now.

This was historically a hugely important plant (for the healing properties of its roots, I believe) for the original peoples here on this coast, and the reason why we have the city of Victoria (as opposed to Sooke or Esquimalt). You can read more about that here if it interests you.

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