Sunday, December 11, 2011


At last, a knitting success to report ...
It looks lovely, and I'm glad I made one (as in: met the challenge) but what a PITA! I don't think I'll be making any more of them. It measures about 5" across at the widest point, and could easily become a 'corsage', I guess. Now I have to decide .... should I put a cluster of beads in the centre? And if so, should they be green or yellow ... or red?

I'm off to do something that's NOT knitting! :)


Janet Welsh said...

The yacht looks great!

Love the pointsettia. I think you should put a mix of yellow and light green beads in the middle.

breezy54 said...

Or what about peae white beads? That might look nice too

Anonymous said...

I think Janet's suggestion was just right.

When I was a girl ladies wore such flowers on the shoulder or lapel of their winter coats. Perhaps you could "dress up" your coat for Christmas?