Monday, November 19, 2012


The rain continued unabated today, and the wind, too, only slightly less wicked than yesterday and the day before! Last night after we checked everyone else's boat lines to make sure all the boats were secure in the big wind, we heard a big 'thunk' on the dock. Michael went out to investigate and discovered that *our* stern line had come off the dock - or, more accurately, that the piece of dock 'frame' that we were tied to had broken off! He got us tied up safely again, but had to go out in the pitch dark and pouring rain to do it. The power flickered once, but miraculously stayed on. It was definitely a nerve-wracking night -- good thing we love this lifestyle!

On the way home from Ganges today, I spotted our 'local' swans and had to stop and take pictures... (click on them to see them bigger .... you can see our marina in the background, across the bay, in the first picture).

There are probably about five or six species of ducks and diving birds in the mix there, but it was pouring rain and I didn't feel like staying long enough to get close-ups of them.

Another hat finished today... more pics soon. 

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Beverley J said...

Thanks so much for posting, marilyn. I love them...