Thursday, November 22, 2012


(Note to Hailey: bet you can hardly wait to read this)  ;-)

Ever since I became Salt Spring's Welcome Wagon person, I have struggled with the 'stuff' I have to keep on hand to fill the newcomer's basket with. I live on a boat, after all, which means I don't have a lot of extra storage space. I do have room for everything, but it's in several different places, and not all that accessible. So ... some of the 'stuff' has lived in the master cabin (that would be our bedroom); some of the stuff has lived on a shelf in a little shed on the dock here; and most of it has simply lived in my van. At the end of a busy week of visits, the stuff in the van gets pretty disorganized -- and it is always difficult to keep any kind of inventory list because I can't see what I have, or what I'm getting low on, etc.

So I have been mulling storage/transportation options for a long time, but nothing I ever thought of would actually work: either it was too expensive, or it wouldn't fit in the van, or it would be too difficult to access... or whatever. So I just kept mulling...

... until this week, when I got the Mouat's Hardware flyer. In it was some plastic drawer thingies on sale... CHEAP. Check! I went in to have a look at them ... and to measure them. Then I measured the back of the van. Then I measured everything again just to be sure. They would fit perfectly in the spot I had in mind... check! They would be easy to access... when I swing up the big back door, the drawers would open straight out -- and I could fill my basket with a 'roof' over me in the rain, too. Check!

Here's a bit of the 'before' picture ....
So ... $80 later, here's the 'after' picture. The drawers are held in place by the two back seats and the back door when it's closed -- and if they bang around a bit, who cares? They're cheap plastic! I have *more* than enough room to store everything I need to carry with me ... and it's all in one place -- yay!!
(Note to Hailey: aren't you proud of me?)  ;-)

In other news... more hats.
Life is good.  :-)

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Louisa said...

I remember shopping at Mouat's when we holidayed on SSI when I was a little kid! So cool it's still around.

BTW I love those drawer systems. There's 1/2 doz of them lurking about my studio space.