Friday, November 16, 2012


I have a couple of garbage bags full of it!

We went back to the yard in Vesuvius where we've been working, and the home-owner had a request: cut back the rosemary 'tree!'

It was at least five feet tall and five feet wide, and choking out even the blackberries that were trying to grow through it. The 'trunk' was about 2" in diameter, and it was all very 'woody.'
It had to go. We got it cut down to about a foot high so now it can come back in the spring, discovered a foot-high hollyhock at its base trying to reach for the sun, and cut out a ton of blackberries, too. I've piled it up in her yard and we have a burn permit, but everything's too wet to burn right now. I brought a bit home to dry ...

... and I am, once again, exhausted and useless.  :-)


Louisa said...

Wow! That must be the good hardy type of rosemary. I've lost so many rosemary plants to heavy frost it's not even funny. I put my current potted ones in the greenhouse but they're still vulnerable because it's not heated. It all depends on the weather. They're ok if it doesn't go below -10C for a week!

"Skipper" said...

... which it never does here on balmy SSI!! ;-)

Louisa said...

Oh quit reminding me how lovely it is over there across the Salish Sea! If any more people move there I swear the island is going to sink. LOL!!