Saturday, November 10, 2012


I've had a fabulous day here today! I haven't gotten out of my jammies, but I've ....

1. Done yesterday's dishes.
2. Tucked in all the ends on the twin baby blankets -- they're ready to wash and block now.
3. Tucked in all the ends on the three hats I've knit in the last four days... here's a 'sneak preview'...
4. Hemmed a pair of pants for Michael.
5. Tidied up the whole boat.
6. Kept a fire going in the woodstove all day.
7. Swept and wiped the floor.
8. Sewed the I-cord initials on the wedding blanket that really HAS to get into the mail!
(It looks better in real life ... C and D are my niece and her hubby's first initials, and the S is for their last name)!

And now I'm about to make a wonderful supper...  feel great to accomplish all those 'loose ends' I've been intending to get to -- all while I had the country music cranked up and dancing around my living room. Fun!

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