Saturday, November 17, 2012

Had a very long day today, starting when I couldn't get back to sleep this morning after the wind woke me up! It was blowing about 30 kts in Haro Strait, which funnels right into the bay here ... so we were 'rockin' and rollin' for the first time this winter!

It calmed down again around 10 a.m. for a few hours, and by that time I had to head into town for a few Welcome Wagon visits -- then shopping, and home again by about 4 pm... and the wind was up again. I did manage to finish another toque, but it was too late to get pictures of it by the time I got home. 

No interesting stories, no pictures, nothing to report.... here! I'll show you a lovely autumn picture instead....
Now I have two days off ... well, at least off going into town! So I can do filing, catching up on phone calls, sorting out the van, etc. . . and knitting, of course. I hope it's really stormy tomorrow!

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