Sunday, November 11, 2012


Anyone who knows me knows that, on Remembrance Day, I have a bit of trouble with the focus on male veterans (with the occasional token 'nod' to women), and that the ceremonies -- and images -- often seem to glorify war rather than help prevent it. I have always made a point of not just remembering the vets -- everyone does that -- but of remembering and honouring the women who served, too. 

There were the nurses on the front lines, the women 'at home' who tirelessly knit thousands of pairs of warm socks and caps for the soldiers, the women who were left behind to run the factories and businesses and keep the country's economy going -- and the thousands of women who were impacted the most: the wives, mothers, daughters and sisters of all those men who died fighting in those far-away wars. This video is about some of them.... (and Patty Braun, the woman who is interviewed here, is a friend of my friend Esther).

I'll be spending a quiet day at home, again. It's raining today and I think I'll start a pot of home-made soup and -- surprise! -- do a little knitting. 

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