Sunday, November 18, 2012


So the first big south-easter of the season has been blowing all day today -- pretty steady at 30 knots with gusts up to 40 now and then-- we're rockin' and rollin'! Here's what it looks like from Drummond Park across from us ... the waves are about 2' high, and those whitecaps really do 'gallop' into the bay.

And right in the middle of this, a pleasure boat came in looking for moorage ... so they could go for lunch at the Rock Salt, if you please! Here they are heading back out into the wind .... (if you click on the pic to make it bigger, you can see the whitecaps out in the harbour). Crazy people - and from here they were heading across the ferry lanes over to Sidney!
Lovely weather for hunkering down in front of the fireplace and knitting though... another hat finished, and a new one half-done on the needles.

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