Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This time of year, I love the drive home from Ganges. (Well, actually I love it any time of year)!

It's about 12 miles of windy road, and of course, the fall colours are wonderful right now -- although every day, as the leaves fall, there are less of them! There is a point on the drive where you come around a corner at the crest of a hill -- there are two wineries on the right, but then the road heads down into the Burgoyne Valley. Straight ahead is Mount Bruce, and the road will wind around the base of it to the left.

Today, there were clouds hanging off the front of Mount Bruce, and it looked absolutely magical!

Never mind the description ... I'll just show you!  :)

 Fulford, where I live, is right at the 'V' between these two points of land:
There are power lines everywhere and it was cloudy today so the pics aren't great, but I just couldn't resist pulling over and taking them!

On a sad note, our old buddy 'old Mike' left for Winnipeg on the bus day before yesterday. He sold his boat back to our friend George (who sold it to *him* in the first place) and decided not only that he needs to live on land now (he's 79), but that he wanted to go 'home' to Winnipeg where he lived for many years before coming out to the coast. We're happy for him because he's doing what he wants to do.... but we probably won't see him again, and he's been part of our lives now for almost 10 years.

Tomorrow... more leaf-raking and yarn clean-up in Vesuvius.


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