Monday, November 5, 2012


There were nine or ten of us at Barb's Buns for knitting today -- it was lovely. What wasn't so lovely was that I bound off the second baby blanket ... only to discover that I'm about 3 metres short of the white cotton yarn! Arrrgggghhhhh.... I'm going stash-diving tonight to see if I can find something close. If I can't, I'll send an appeal out to the Salt Spring mailing list ... what a pain.

Last year, around this time, we spent quite a few hours raking leaves for a neighbor who couldn't keep up with the carnage in her back yard. This year, she has hired us to do the same thing in her mother's yard, too. We've been waiting for the rain to let up a bit, and it looks like the next few days might be good leaf-raking weather. I'm looking forward to it ... I love the smells and the colors of fall!

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