Saturday, November 3, 2012

Did three Welcome Wagon visits today, all in the north end of the Island, and came home tired, cold and wet. It was rainy and miserable the whole day, so it's a good thing I enjoy this job so much -- meeting new folks who are all happy and positive to be here! 

Autumn has arrived with a vengeance, but driving around the Island is lovely... the colors are amazing!

I have the day off tomorrow, and hope to finish the second baby blanket, and get started on some Christmas knitting.  :-)

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Hailey Guille said...

I Love NABLOPOMO! We get to hear from you everyday!

I really like this photo of the autumn leaves...I might use it for my cover photo on facebook, I like it that much!

Glad to hear that you are nearly done with baby blanket #2, and that you are about to start the Christmas Knitting. I am in need of more socks, and of course, my monogrammed dishcloths!!! Pretty Please - I've been a good girl!