Friday, November 8, 2013


Just this morning, over our morning coffee, Michael and I were talking about how there are Christmas lights appearing here and there on the Island already.

Many businesses, and homeowners, barely wait until Hallowe'en is over to start decorating -- and even though I'm crazy about Christmas, I'm not sure I'm crazy about it *this* early!

So I was in town today running some errands, and sure enough, several Ganges  businesses already have their lights up. Mouat's (the local 'department' store) and Pharmasave have already got whole areas in their stores devoted to Christmas sales -- decorations, lights, wrapping paper, etc.The Christmas flyers are starting to show up in the local newspaper .... and we're already having to mark dates on the calendar for various Christmas concerts and other holiday season events around the Island.

So you can imagine how delightfully surprised I was when I came out of the post office today and laid my eyes on this....

Now THAT'S my idea of a wonderful November sight!

I forgot to tell you that when I was in Vancouver at the Knit City fibre festival, I looked up from my table at some point and saw a woman that seemed vaguely familiar. It took me a few minutes to place her, but then I realized that it was my long-time blog buddy, Louisa, whose blog, Damselfly, has been linked on my sidebar --->
for a long time. It was totally fun to meet her and her hubby! Her account of our meeting (and her Knit City experience) is here.  :-)

Tomorrow I get to hang out with yet another blog buddy -- well, she doesn't keep a blog, but has been a long-time reader of mine, and I finally met her a few years ago for the first time. India and her two sisters will be here for the day, and I'll get to play 'tour guide'. I'm looking forward to spending the day with them!

And then I'm looking forward to two days off from everything and everyone. I may not get out of my jammies!

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Louisa said...

Nice to know that my "cyber-buddy" is a real person! Not that I ever doubted it for a second...

Big hugs from Damselfly!