Thursday, November 7, 2013

I did three Welcome Wagon visits yesterday and three today, and I have one booked for tomorrow -- busy time! I think what happens is that folks move here over the summer, get the kids settled in school, and then call Welcome Wagon. I love it as much as ever .... I don't think I've met one single person yet who moved here because they *had* to. Everyone moves here by choice ... so they are always positive and happy when I visit. What a great job to have!

It's been cutting into my knitting time, though. I'm no further ahead on either the black shawl or the red baby blanket I introduced you to the other day. And I haven't even cast on for the cowl I'm supposed to be test knitting -- hoping to change that this evening.

I don't even have any new photos to show you. Lame blog post! :) Here, let me show you some old ones ...
This was last year's foggy view across the bay -- looks pretty much the same this year!

And last year's view off the back of the Wind Walker (it hasn't changed at all)! Nice neighbourhood, huh?

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Louisa said...

Lovely to see you back blogging again, Skipper! You're doing better than me anyhow. ;)