Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SO nice to sleep in my own bed again!

I'm doing Welcome Wagon visits all day today (to make up for the past two weeks of goofing off!), and the November issue of WEFT to get to the printer, but I wanted to post these pics from Victoria first:

Here we are at the start of our breakwater walk -- and we made it to where the mural ends in the distance (right side top of photo) and back. Here's the Ogden Point industrial area that the breakwater protects from some pretty wicked south-easters that blow in the winter months:
You can see the cruise ship terminal in the background -- the ship docked there is a cable-laying ship wintering in Victoria while there are no cruise ships. The pilot boat, which normally docks between those two tugboats, was out on the Strait when we were walking, but came back in just before we finished....
Yesterday morning after I got the boys to school I couldn't resist treating myself to a latte and heading down to Clover Point for some quiet knitting time. This seagull maybe couldn't figure out why I wasn't feeding him -- he stood right in front of the van staring at me like that for a really long time!
There was a storm coming across the Strait from Washington, too, but it dissipated before it arrived!
The bottom 'layer' of this photo is the Strait, the centre is the clear sky and the top is the big black cloud that was moving toward Victoria.

Had a great time, AND I'm glad to be home! :)

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