Sunday, November 3, 2013

Off galivanting again

I feel like I just got home, but I'm off again -- today my friend India and her sisters are having a big craft sale in Sooke, and since I have to go to Victoria anyway, I'm driving out to see her. India lives in Halifax and this is her annual pre-Christmas visit, so I'm looking forward to having some time with her!

Then I'll be attending the BC Nautical Residents Association AGM this afternoon - seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones. I'll spend the night at Mischa's because tomorrow and Tuesday I'm taking care of the boys while she goes to an industry-related event in Vancouver. I'll have lots of knitting time because the boys are in school all day, so I can work on this test-knit shawlette I just started ...
It's a deep black in real life, with beads along the left side. I'm hoping to finish the baby blanket, too.

My classes at Stitches went great yesterday! I have two beginners in a morning class and six 'intermediate' knitters in the afternoon. But the best part of the day was getting to stare at this in the classroom...
It's an all-fibre wall-hanging that is simply stunning! Would you like to see that a little closer?
Like I said. Stunning.

I found a picture of one of the things I knit over the summer -- it's a 'doily,' technically, although big enough to be a placemat, and if you click on the photo to make it bigger, you'll see that the yarn is a metallic silver -- so this will be an addition to my personal Christmas decorations! It's called the Cross of Cerdanya, and you can buy it, if it interests you, for $2, here! (No affiliation, just love this pattern)!
I also forgot to mention that while I was at KnitCity, I got to interview one of my all-time favorite designers, Fiona Ellis! If you're on Ravelry, you can see some of her designs here but I can't seem to access her website at the moment. Anyway, she's the cable queen of Canada, and she's lovely in person, too!

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Anonymous said...

It was so great seeing you today, Marilyn. I really appreciated your taking some time out of your busy day to come visit us at our craft sale. Now I'm really looking forward to Saturday and it looks like we may all be able to come over. Thanks for the great chat, and I apologize if I had to be distracted sometimes.

I hope you have a great couple of days with the grandboys. See you soon.