Saturday, November 16, 2013

We're having a fun day with Gibson ... Michael ran some errands and then took him to the skateboard park while I was teaching my knitting class, but I forgot to give him my camera.

Now we're just having a quiet evening at home .... that's all we're capable of after a day with a 7-year-old! :)

I finished my latest shawlette ... and it was too dark to get a decent picture because it's black. It's called the Ocean Moon shawl, and I love it - here's a picture from the pattern website. Mine is the narrower version...

I took several of my shawls, scarves and cowls to a women's clothing shop in Ganges that's having a big open house and sale tomorrow -- extra money for Christmas if anything sells!

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Louisa said...

Ooh, very pretty shawl! Love.