Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Yesterday there was an online post from someone in Ganges who was downsizing, with a list of several items for sale. "Ceramic and wool sheep, $10" caught my eye, so I went to the address to check them out.

They were adorable ... and they followed me home:
But while I was in town I was playing with the settings on my camera -- I got a new Canon not long ago, and I haven't taken many pictures in the dark with it yet, but that was one of the frustrations with my old camera -- they never turned out very good. So ... in a pitch black parking lot, with a little sliver of moon coming out from behind a cloud, and no flash, I got this:
... and I'm *really* happy about that!

This morning, after a very windy night, I looked out our window to see this cruiser, tucked right up against the shore. It's November, and someone's out there cruising! This boat wasn't there at dark last night, so the dude might have just not wanted to go any further in that wind. Almost as soon as I spotted it, the anchor was up and the boat was motoring out of the harbour!

Knitting at Rock Salt manana... and I sure hope I'll get finished the current cowl test knit so I can get back to the baby blanket!

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